Hours: Starting in 2013 we made ourselves available by appointment only. This is for your convenience as well as ours. We can be more flexible for you if we are not constrained by working around open hours in order to take care or necessary personal business. Just call or email ahead and we will most likely be able to accommodate your needs. We love to have garden visitors!    


 To achieve the results we desire we feel that we must be able to take advantage of the several morning hours during which the flowers are receptive to fertilization. We thank our customers for respecting our business hours so that we can do the needed pollination.

As always, our plants are guaranteed to be true to name, state inspected, and healthy. We will also replace a plant which fails to grow after it is planted. We breed for as hardy of a plant as we are able. Here in our zone 6 gardens we have constant freeze/thaw conditions throughout the winter. This is an especially hard test of cold hardiness. We also rarely see snow cover here lasting more than a short while. This also gives the plants a good testing. Nevertheless a rare one of our plants may not do well farther north. If a plant does not do well for you in your garden, we will replace it with a plant of equal value.

For choosing which cultivars to purchase, there is nothing like seeing those plants in bloom. We encourage visits during our business hours. Our bloom season tends to run from mid June to the end of July, with peak coming early in July. If you are interested in looking at seedlings, there will about 20,000 in place in 2016.

Our shipping season can start in late April, depending on the weather. 


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