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*MARY'S BABY (seedling T01-71) (MARY LIGHTFINE X THUNDER AND LIGHTNING) SEV 4 1/2" M 27" TET 2008 note: MARY'S BABY was just rewarded an HM from the AHS with the second highest vote total of region 2 introductions.  We feel that this one is probably the finest flower we have introduced to date. The color is a distinct step forward from the wonderful parent, MARY LIGHTFINE. It is a deep velvet purple outlined by a rich white border on the petals and on the sepals. She easily passes along the velvet to her babies too! The recent results in the seedling beds indicate that MB will be a superb parent for rich deep purples especially for stark white edges. The contrast between the shade of purple and the white edge is a delight. We have received numerous glowing reports on the wonderful rich color of the parent, MARY LIGHTFINE. This child is a full step ahead in color. The color saturation is the best I have seen on any purple introduction from anywhere, period. Add in very good rain and sun resistance and you have a superb daylily. Fertile both ways, the pollen is powerful. Bud counts in the 20 to 25 range on well branched scapes. Feedback has been excellent from customers.                                      double fan $20

We would like to thank Sharon Fitzpatrick for the image of MARY'S BABY above. Her new digital camera captured more of the bluish coloration in MB than we have been able to. It shows a little bit more than what my eyes see but the coloration is there. 



1-47-WB.jpg (85624 bytes)        NO BLUE OXFORDS REBLOOM.jpg (271509 bytes)

*NO BLUE OXFORDS (seedling T01-47) ( a cross of two sibs of CLARIFICATION) 5.5" EM 37" DOR RE TET NO BLUE OXFORDS was awarded an AHS H.M. in 2010. The flower was selected in clump condition in the seedling patches. It stood out due to the way that it bristled with scapes. Upon inspection we found that virtually every fan had put up two scapes. With closer observation over the last several years we have learned that the second scape emerges just as the first is beginning to bloom with overlapping bloom periods later (instant rebloom). We counted the buds on scapes arising from three random fans. The counts were 28, 33, and 33. The second scapes had 17, 19 and 17 buds respectively. The blossoms are lavender pink with a purple eye and purple edge outlined in gold. A green to yellow throat makes NO BLUE OXFORDS a very pretty flower. Fertile both ways. .                                                    double fan $15

note: We thank Dan Robarts for the use of the second image which shows the rebloom on NO BLUE OXFORDS. The first scape is only beginning to bloom as the second scape appears. You can imagine how long of a bloom season such a plant habit gives! 


         coral majority dorsey.jpg (260209 bytes)    COR MAJ-wb.jpg (46210 bytes)

*CORAL MAJORITY (seedling T99-31) (SOUTH SEAS X APACHE WAR DANCE) 4.5" L 33" DOR RE TET 2008 note: CORAL MAJORITY was just rewarded an HM from the AHS The rich coral with orange highlights has to be seen to be believed. The color simply glows in the garden. Combining the best of both parents, the color is a wonder. If that were not enough, the plants are very prolific rebloomers with well branched scapes averaging close to 20 buds each. This garden star comes on just as the season is winding down and is a flamboyant presence in the garden just when it is most needed. Garden visitors were constantly drawn to this one from all parts of the garden. The color acts as a beacon from a distance. Fertile both ways.

note: The near impossibility to photograph CORAL MAJORITY has lead some people to overlook it. CORAL MAJORITY will be one we will want to get into the line for AHS awards but it must be growing in more gardens for people to realize what a striking cultivar it is .        double fan $20

Our thanks to Charles Dorsey for the use of the above image of CORAL MAJORITY. We have tried to capture the beauty of this fine introduction but have found it impossible. The above image taken by Charles is the best we have yet seen. If we can find another image which comes closer to capturing the look we will use it. In the meantime, CORAL MAJORITY simply must be seen to be fully appreciated.  


2008 note: A trip to Madison, WI this last spring brought me the knowledge that CORAL MAJORITY is very adapted and vigorous in that climate. From a 2004 purchase a customer had divided the introduction and planted in the display garden where the Madison daylily group gathers. In the spring of 2008 that secondary division had increased to perhaps 30 fans and was poised to bloom abundantly.   



T01-28ASTILLNITE.jpg (30066 bytes)

*ASHWOOD STILL NIGHT (seedling T01-28) (EARTH MUSIC X EVENING ENCHANTMENT) 5.25" E 28" SEV RE TET This is a very deep and very rich purple blossom with a dramatic, triangular bright green throat and a tiny watermark. This is the one that all the early visitors zeroed in on. Scapes are exceptionally well branched and budded. The lowest bud count we could find was 33. The highest was 45. Lower 40ís were typical. There is a little rebloom to extend the season further. Fertile both ways                    double fan $15

ASN-wb2.jpg (166541 bytes)

More and more people are expressing their appreciation for clump shots of introductions. There is such an advantage when a hybridizer provides both aspects of the cultivar. I must admit that I have to retrain myself to take more shots of the entire plant as the season progresses. I simply forget to do so. The shot of ASHWOOD STILL NIGHT above illustrates one of the reasons why we introduced it in the first place. While we all love to see a daylily close up I think we also want the entire plant to have an impact in the garden.   





*CLARIFICATION (seedling T98-12) (MASK OF TIME X CREATIVE EDGE) 2008 note: CLARIFICATION was just rewarded an HM from the AHS with the highest vote total of any cultivar introduced in region 2  This is the best breeder for eyes and edges I have used by leaps and bounds. It is a hard dormant. The spring foliage is deep green, as pretty as any. The foliage characteristic is passed along to the kids. The blossom is pink with a lavender overlay and a purple eye and edge. Pod fertile with some difficulty but the pollen is powerful. 26" M 6" DOR RE        double fan $15

note: We have always been blown out of the water by the breeding ability of CLARIFICATION. We are coming to a new conclusion. CLARIFICATION is a wonderful breeder but far excels as a breeder of breeders. If you purchased C when it was introduced, do not hesitate to use the seedlings you are now blooming to further the line. They have a strong tendency to make quantum leaps forward in their babies. Pick the one that has the best plant habit even if it does not show a state of the art blossom. That baby of CLARIFICATION may very well give you another leap in breeding sophistication. 


 If you are breeding for eyes and edges, donít pass CLARIFICATION up. If you havenít seen my slide show or looked at the kids on the website, do yourself a favor and take a peek. CLARIFICATION SEEDLING PAGE




*SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE (seedling 00-6) [(LIGHTS OF DETROIT X WHEN I DREAM) X (LIGHTS OF DETROIT X WHEN I DREAM)] X SPECIAL INVITATION 2008 note: SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE was just rewarded an HM from the AHS This diploid has the flat, flat face of LIGHTS OF DETROIT along with the greatest substance of any cultivar I have seen, including all tets. SE is a large yellow with an orange overlay, very popular with visitors. It is breeding the most distinctive kids you can imagine. The flat face is passed along to many of them due to the inbred pedigree. If you are not familiar with the ancestor, LOD, you may not visualize what I mean by flat. Many people introduce flowers that are "flat". SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE puts that description into an entirely different category. SE shows no trumpet at all. SE also can survive a driving rainstorm which shreds every other blossom in the garden. It has the ability to pass along sun and rain resistance to its progeny. The blossom is also an early morning opener of the highest order. Despite the early opening the pollen is almost always good. Fertile both ways but the pollen is easier. 33" M 6" DOR EMO                                                           double fan $20

note: The Ď04 season revealed that SE may be one of the more important breeders here, ever. Take a look on the website at 04-11, a baby which shows a turquoise coloration. We have some 10 or more with the no-trumpet look which we are growing out for introduction in 2006. They have distinction in the absolute.

2005 note: Our enthusiasm for what SE can do is undiminished. In fact we are even more excited about what SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE is likely to do to our TET lines. We are looking forward to using the tet conversion in our greenhouse this coming winter. Tet SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE will put a new look in tetraploids which may open a new frontier in daylilies.

2011 note: After standing the test of time, SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE remains an outstanding introduction for us. It seems that people all over are seeing fascinating results from SE. One of the outstanding sets of results is demonstrated by Barry Matthie in his two introductions for 2011. One of which, THE FREAK, graces the cover of his catalog this year.

2015 NOTE The past few years and into the foreseeable future almost our entire program is centered around this fantastic cultivar. For example, in the 2014 breeding season well in excess of all crosses involved SE or a baby from it's lineage. There is no other line that we have seen anywhere that puts so much distinction into the babies as well as extreme beauty coming from several branches of the tree with IDA MAE NORRIS lines being the shining light in this regard.    

                    2002 INTRODUCTIONS                           


MARY LIGHTFINE 2.jpg (72678 bytes)

*MARY LIGHTFINE (seedling #T98-36) (complicated pedigree involving great grandparent, GLORIA HITE BEST, RUFFLED DUDE, and others.) 32" L 5.25" EV RE Until the blooming of MARYíS BABY, MARY LIGHTFINE has shown the best shade of blue-purple of any we have seen in daylilies. With the addition of a startling white edge on both the petals and sepals, MARY offers a flower of outstanding beauty. The scape is exceptional with more than 40 buds. She will rebloom here on occasion in Ohio. She has overwintered two winters in northern Maine, zone 3. Reports indicate that ML is even better when grown farther south and has become an important breeder in  the programs of a number of hybridizers. Fertile both ways. Fine parent. double fan $15

note: We are pleased that our very first nomination for an H.M., MARY LIGHTFINE, won the award in the first year of eligibility. Votes from 10 region indicate that ML grows and blooms well in a wide area. 


Mary_Lightfine_IN_FL.jpg (42748 bytes)

MARY LIGHTFINE is named after a former student who shared in the Ď99 Nobel prize as a member of Doctors Without Borders. Mary has done volunteer nursing in numerous crisis spots including Kosovo, Somalia, Honduras, and the Sudan.  We would like to direct you to Maryís website, http://marylightfine.com/  Mary now supports her work lecturing at universities around the world.

We just received a little more information on Mary and her work. Click here for that page of biographical information. MARY LIGHTFINE_BIO