T02-66Fitz-wb.jpg (354907 bytes)                          2-66clump-wb.jpg (136693 bytes)                    BIVh-wb.jpg (187548 bytes)


 BELIEF IN VEIN  seedling T02-66 (unknown x MOMENTUM)  ) 6 in. DOR 40 in. EM RE   BELIEF IN VEIN has been a favorite from the first moment of bloom. It was one of the rare seedlings that was sure to be introduced from the very first. The flower is unlike any other that we have seen anywhere. It is a bright orange with red orange eye and prominent red/orange veins on petals and a green throat. BELIEF IN VEIN is always popular with visitors, drawing rave reviews from the majority. The plant habit meets all our criteria here being a very vigorous grower and heavy bloomer. The scape carries 28 buds on the first round and almost as many on the second. Rebloom is quite reliable and extends the bloom season well into August, even September, after starting early in July. BIV is fertile both ways, producing strong healthy babies with dark green foliage as one might expect from the MOMENTUM heritage. Click on the first thumbnail image above to see the flower. The second and third thumbnails will show you the plant in two year old clumps. The heavy bloom shown is representative of what you will have for good portion of the main bloom season. The rebloom is not as strong as the initial bloom but is still quite prominent.                                                                                                                   double fan $15                        

Our thanks to Sharon Fitzpatrick for the use of the image of BELIEF IN VEIN above as well a number of other images this year.


biv-wb.jpg (58411 bytes)

This shot from the 2007 season illustrates some of the brightness of the cultivar. The veining that gives BELIEF IN VEIN its name is less prominent here compared with what it can be at times. However a little more of the brightness of the coloration in this flower is seen above. 




3-4-wb.jpg (75730 bytes)


ASHWOOD SUMMER SUNSHINE   seedling T03-4 (SHERRY LANE CARR X CLARIFICATION) 5.75 in. DOR 34 in. EM RE  This was quite a surprise in our breeding from the incredible breeder, CLARIFICATION, but a pleasant surprise indeed. The blossom is a gorgeous shade of creamy peach pink with a slight rose eye. Topped off by a double edge of gold and the same rose as the eye, ASHWOOD SUMMER SUNSHINE is simply a beauty. The bud count is good at 20 to 25 but very reliable rebloom makes for a long season of bloom. This one is sure to gather a wide acceptance.. The breeding likely points to a broad area of the country in which this cultivar will be happy. SHERRY LANE CARR grows well over a wide area as does CLARIFICATION. ASHWOOD SUMMER SUNSHINE is fertile both ways and gives very sophisticated kids. It has been one of our most used parents here the last several years. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                       double fan $15




26_T01-82adj-wb.jpg (55139 bytes)                     27_T01-82Fadj-wb.jpg (116809 bytes)


RUBY GRANDEUR  seedling T01-82 (RUBY REGALIA X seedling T98-40)   5.25 in. DOR 32 in. ML The parent of RUBY GRANDEUR, RUBY REGALIA, gives babies in red that are exceptionally sun and rain resistant just as it is itself. RUBY GRANDEUR is a glowing gem-toned red with a strong green throat. The color is better represented by image of the single blossom but the plant qualities are readily apparent in the second image showing the whole plant. It is simply one the 2-3 best reds I have even seen, a real attention getter. With 35 buds and good branching, RUBY GRANDEUR gives a full measure of bloom for the effort.  As a bud builder, this cultivar may even show better budding when established and grown in ideal conditions. The images above are of plants which were only in place a single year. They had only been grown previously in our terrible "clay soup" bed. Fertile both ways both the pod and the pollen.  2007 fall update: the pod set this past summer was excellent despite the drought.                                                                                                                                                                                          double fan $20




29_T02-28adj-wb.jpg (36426 bytes)     RCMb-wb.jpg (168676 bytes)


RED CARPET MOMENT  seedling T02-28 (MOMENTUM X MAXFIELD PARRISH) 5.5 in. DOR 28 in. M  RE  RED CARPET MOMENT is a fine red with a very strong gold edge. The edge can be as wide as .5 in. on the first blossoms. It settles down to .25 in. after the first blooms. The first scape has 4-5 branches and 38 buds. The rebloom is not quite as well budded and branched but is reliable and a great addition to a fine cultivar. This is another one of those seedlings that was clearly to be an introduction from the first bloom. Along with its half sib, BELIEF IN VEIN, RCM is clear evidence of the fine plant habit, branching, bud count and rebloom that come out of MOMENTUM. You will find RED CARPET MOMENT to be vigorous and hardy with good fertility both ways.  .                                                                                                                 double fan $15





04-9G-wb.jpg (49074 bytes)         34_04-9-wb.jpg (81787 bytes)    shar del new-wb.jpg (85645 bytes)

SHARON'S DELIGHT  seedling 04-9 (TAKE MY HAND X SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE)  7 in. SEV 34 in. M RE          SHARON'S DELIGHT is a very large reddish purple. The throat is the prominent feature, very large and a shade of yellow and green that tends toward white. This one makes the visitors here suck in their breath. SHARONS DELIGHT received its name after Sharon Fitzpatrick visited to take photos and interview us for an article for the Region 2 journal. Sharon fell in love with this one and gave us the nod to name it in her honor. Once again the SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE breeding has produced a unique flower. The scapes are heavily budded and produce blooms for a very long period. Rebloom comes along then as a bonus. The color holds well in the sun with a little fade towards lavender. But the afternoon blossoms are still every bit as beautiful as they were in the morning. We highly recommend this selection.  

2009 note: We have learned the last two seasons that SHARON'S DELIGHT is very fertile. 

2015 We are also finding that SHARON'S DELIGHT is an excellent parent and will be introducing a number of babies from it in the coming years. The conversion is now being sold at a four figure evaluation. 

                                                                   double fan $20


EOA-wb.jpg (33032 bytes)   35_03-12-wb.jpg (80648 bytes)           ev al clump-wb.jpg (162249 bytes)    ev al-wb.jpg (39332 bytes)    

EVIDENCE OF ALIENS  seedling 03-12 {(LIGHTS OF DETROIT X WHEN I DREAM ) X (LIGHTS OF DETROIT X WHEN I DREAM)} X SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE)}  5.5 in.  DOR 34 in. ML RE      The name reflects the alien nature of this look. Some may see a resemblance to last year's introduction, KERMIT'S SCREAM. However, in the garden one will easily see that the two are distinct. The flowers are a bright shade of red orange with no trumpet. The throat is the dominant feature being quite green and pinched. Daylily people who have not seen flowers from this line before react almost as if they were seeing aliens. The look is startling.                                            

The 2009 and 2010 seasons showed us that EVIDENCE OF ALIENS is quite pod fertile. From the experience with babies of EOA, the plant qualities coming from this one as a breeder are as good as one could hope for. 

11/12/08 We have added several new images this year. The first and original image shows a morning shot of EOA. The second shows what a fine garden specimen it is in a clump. The third gives a better representation of the color of the flower in the later part of the day. The color is great, holding well. The throat has lost some of the green but not entirely.                                                                                      limited                         double fan $20

EVIDENCE OF ALIENS was awarded an H.M. by the American Hemerocallis Society in 2010                             


36_03-4g-wb.jpg (48851 bytes)              03-4-wb.jpg (319474 bytes)         AWOSa-wb.jpg (132238 bytes)


ASHWOOD WRAY OF SUNSHINE  seedling 03-4 {(LIGHTS OF DETROIT X WHEN I DREAM ) X (LIGHTS OF DETROIT X WHEN I DREAM)} X {(LIGHTS OF DETROIT X WHEN I DREAM ) X (LIGHTS OF DETROIT X WHEN I DREAM)}  5 in. DOR 28 in. E RE EMO     A glowing  lemon yellow with no trumpet, much in the style of LIGHTS OF DETROIT. A clearer shade of yellow and also strong rebloom lead us to introduce this beauty. There were scapes in bloom when frost arrived in October this year. Like so many of the babies of SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, ASHWOOD WRAY OF SUNSHINE is an unusual form. There were three rounds of bloom this year. This is a highly inbred cultivar which displays vigor, health and good plant habit with aggressive rebloom. I suspect there is a world of breeding potential in this one. A principle of breeding in both plants and animals is that a deeply inbred individual which is strong and healthy is likely put extreme vigor and uniqueness in its offspring. (I also breed and race homing pigeons. A good bird with such inbreeding in its pedigree is worth its weight in gold.) I will be most anxious to see what others are able to get from ASHWOOD WRAY OF SUNSHINE. This cultivar is named in honor of a customer and friend from the Boston area, Marty Wray. We lost Marty last winter and in losing Marty, we lost a delightful human being. Marty, we miss you.    2007 fall note: we were able to set a few pods on AWOS this past summer but we cannot call the pod fertility easy. Additional note: in '08 and '09 we were also able to set pods on AWOS. In fact the seed set in '09 from related plants was good.                                                                                                                                        double fan $20

EVIDENCE OF ALIENS was awarded a AHS H.M. in 2012.

Please take time to look at both of the pictures of clumps of ASHWOOD WRAY OF SUNSHINE above. The first shows a clump of AWOS well under a year after planting. Notice the fact that there is already evidence of rebloom below the scapes that are in current bloom. The second images shows the very same clump a mere 12 months later. Notice the increase and greater bloom. There was evidence of three levels of bloom at the time that the shot was taken.