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*EVERMORE GREATFUL (seedling T11-38) 6 ˝” SEV 28” (WORTH IT ALL X RED HAT DIVA) A very large and very intense pure red with a large green throat and a fine white edge. With 18-20 buds there is nice long season of bloom. EVERMORE GREATFUL makes a wonderful prelude to the anxiously awaited sib, GREATFUL RED. It is a bit smaller but has much the same garden impact. This is your chance to get the genetics of this line at a bargain price. Pods are difficult but the pollen is good. The second and third images are of clump images of EVERMORE GREATFUL in its glory. We are coming to the conclusion that this one may be the better introduction between it and its sib GREATFUL RED.                                                                                    DOUBLE   $60               




*SUBSTANTIAL REWARD (seedling T08-27) 6” DOR 32” RE  (EMPIRE OF DESIRE X tet SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE) The first introduction from tet SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE that we are aware of. SUBSTANTIAL REWARD recreates much of the look of SE with a larger, greener throat. The blossom is more toward a golden yellow that SE but have a greater visual impact. Given the track record of SE it is very likely that this one will produce some fascinating results in the tetraploid lines. And with the addition of rebloom to the picture, the potential is multiplied. The flat, no trumpet bloom with the addition of a sculpted parent opens up a lot of intriguing doors of possibility. This is not just a breeder’s flower, it attracts positive attention from all kinds of visitors from the hybridizer to the everyday gardener. Fertile both ways.    DOUBLE    $75  



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*BLUSHING ESCAPADE (seedling T09-32) 5 ˝” SEV 43” M RE (REPEATED DISCOVERY X seedling T04-40) It’s about the color. It is a very rich, fairly glowing rose pink that grabs your attention from a distance much in the way that CORAL MAJORITY grabs it. A visiting hybridizer stated that she would put it right along side that iconic introduction. With 22 buds and rebloom, a long season of beauty is assured. A white edge just adds to the overall impact. With REPEATED DISCOVERY and therefore BELLE OF ASHWOOD in the background, you know the plant quality will please you. Fertile both ways.                                                 DOUBLE     $50





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MARTHA EDSON NORRIS (seedling 06)-1 6 ˝” DOR 23” M  (MARY FRANCES RAGAIN X IDA MAE NORRIS) MEN is a large, ruffled rose pink with the large green throat characteristic of the SE line. For the last few years we have stated that IDA MAE NORRIS has been the premier breeder for beautiful daylilies here. We are pleased to tell you that she has surpassed in that regard by her offspring, MARTHA EDSON NORRIS. With only a limited number of babies bloomed as yet, we see a significantly higher percentage of clear futures. There is a rare phenomenon that we see with the babies of this one. Many of the seedlings scream introduction from the first bloom. It is that powerful a breeder. A fellow hybridizer stood staring at this one two years ago and just kept repeating, “that is the most beautiful daylily I have ever seen.” What MARTHA EDSON NORRIS produces is extra large, very round, flat, intensely ruffled and strikingly beautiful babies with large green throats. One baby with this year’s EVIDENCE OF ROYALTY was a complete knockout at 9 ˝”, exceeding both parents. This intro simply breeds beyond itself again and again. Named for my younger sister, we are very proud to honor her with her namesake. The price would be through the roof if it were not for the moderate bud count at 16. The babies do not seem to be limited in this regard. Fertile both ways.            DOUBLE            $75

MARTHA EDSON NORRIS was our most used cultivar as a pollen parent in the 2017 bloom season. it seems to be as capable as any to produce the very larget, flat and completely round seedlings that we seek.






  EVIDENCE OF ROYALTY  (seedling 02-3) 7” SEV 34” EM (seedling x SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE) This is the one that other hybridizers have lusted after for years now. It is a large at 7” with a giant yellow green throat. The color is a rich burgundy purple with extraordinary presence. The babies are amazing. All the plants have been subjected to the conversion process and show some tet pollen under the microscope. However they are easy to use as diploids and are simply fantastic breeders as such. It is possible to get tet babies from EOR but not so much that I have felt comfortable introducing it as a tet. If you can get some tet babies from it, you can just treat the results as a bonus. In the meantime using EVIDENCE OF ROYALTY as a dip will make you very happy. There is nothing else like it anywhere. Pods are difficult but possible, pollen is easy.                                                                                                         DOUBLE    $70







ALETA EVERETT ADAMS (seedling 10-6) 5 ˝”  SEV 36” EM (unknown x IDA MAE NORRIS) This cultivar is a rich purple with a blue violet patterned watermark and a large green throat. With a bud count of 18 the main season of AEA is satisfying but reliable rebloom is a great bonus. ALETA EVERETT ADAMS is in bloom as long as anything else here. This year there were scapes right up to frost. It is enhanced with instant rebloom as well as normal delayed rebloom. AEM is named after a former student who deserves to be recognized for her achievements. Fertile both ways.                          DOUBLE  $50