All eight of these introductions are tetraploid. We will begin with the introduction that we feel is the premier offering in its class.




           SAM ABELL 1-WBb-c.jpg (50393 bytes)   SAM ABELL   multiple-WBa.jpg (48505 bytes)          SAM ABELL CLUMP WBb.jpg (92528 bytes)

*SAM ABELL  seedling T06-4 [BORN TOO LATE X (seedling x CLARIFICATION)] X [MARTINA VERHAERT X (seedling x CLARIFICATION)] 6 1/2" DOR 34" EM RE - SAM ABELL has the hit of the garden the last several years, with virtually every visitor declaring that they want this one at introduction. SAM ABELL is a commanding presence in the garden with its purple eye and very wide edge of a matching shade of purple. The edge is outlined in yellow gold that sometimes goes toward white. The width of the edge is what gives this intro such drama, often approaching a full 1/2". If this introduction were moderate in its overall plant qualities we would still be likely to introduce it. The flower is simply too fantastic to do otherwise. However when we look at the budding and branching as well as the rebloom we see a plant that exceeds all our criteria for putting a plant on the market. And exceeds those criteria by a wide margin. Throw in the fact that this cultivar opens well enough on cold mornings to qualify as a CMO as well as an EMO and you got an undeniable fine package. As if this cake needs any icing, we can point out that SAM ABELL is quite fertile both ways. Not only is SAM easily fertile, the babies are phenomenal. There are three branches and 22 buds. And with some rebloom you can expect to see SAM in bloom for a good long time. If you are interested in dramatic eyes and wide double edges on vigorous, well budded and branched plants, this is the  one.                                                                                                                        double    $35

2010 note: Blooming even just a few hundred seedlings from SAM ABELL in 2009 and 2010 demonstrated its value in producing double and even triple edged daylilies in a variety of colors and styles. It is simply a marvel in this regard.

2016 note: Feedback from various hybridizers has confirmed our faith in SA. A telephone conversation with Bryan Culver, the eminent Canadian hybridizer revealed that he continues to use SAM ABELL extensively in his program. He confided that he is finding double and triple edges in the progeny just as we have experienced. By the way, if you have not had the privilege of seeing his SUN PANDA in bloom we hope you have that opportunity. It is a simple knockout. If you are a garden judge and would like a division of SP to evaluate, let us know and we will line it out to include in an order in 2017. Please don't ask for it this year as it is still just a fairly large clump. 


WORKS-WBa.jpg (45953 bytes)            WORKS-CLUMP-WBb.jpg (69072 bytes)


*WORKS FOR ME seedling T06-3 (CLARIFICATION seedling x unknown) 5" DOR 35" E RE - WORKS FOR ME is named in honor of two great friends, Marla and Larry Work who have been so helpful the last few years in our efforts in planting here. This beautiful flower is a fitting tribute to these two fine people. It is the gigantic eye which first draws a persons attention to this cultivar. The addition of a wide edge rounds out the picture. Both eye and edge are a rich shade of purple which contrasts beautifully with the light cream petal color. It is easy to see in the image of the line-outs that the plant is pod fertile. With three branches and 23 buds you are guaranteed a long season of gorgeous bloom. Add in a bit of rebloom and this is a very appealing cultivar. It is also easily pollen fertile. We are convinced that the very large eye along with the clear colors will serve to make this introduction valuable to those who are interested in breeding sophisticated eyed/edged beauties. We will know more about the breeding ability of WFM after the coming summer when we see a very large number of seedlings blooming for the first time, especially a number from a long cross to SAM ABELL.         holding for increase


MAGIC CRYSTALa-WBa.jpg (31687 bytes)            MAGIC CRYSTAL clump-WBb.jpg (75787 bytes)          magic crystal clumpa-WBb.jpg (76060 bytes)


*ASHWOOD'S MAGIC CRYSTAL seedling T05-16 (SUPREME EMPIRE X AMERICA'S MOST WANTED)  6 1/2" SEV 36" M Whether you are looking for sculpting or very good plant performance in the garden, A. MAGIC CRYSTAL offers what you are looking for. With 5 branches and 30 buds a clump of A. MAGIC CRYSTAL is a sight to behold. The color is a very golden/cream/ yellow which I can not begin to do do justice to. I am tempted to call this a polychrome as the colors blend themselves into such a rich mix. I am reminded of many of the wonderful Reckamp introductions in its rich blend of colors and shades. A cross with the full sib, EMPIRE OF DESIRE, gave us some of the finest sculpted flowers in a variety of shades. We are considering introducing several of these. ASHWOOD MAGIC CRYSTAL is fertile and would be a valuable addition to any garden with its spectacular bloom.                                                                                          double $15


EMPIRE OF DESIRE CLUMP-WBb.jpg (70433 bytes)            EMPIRE OF DESIRE-WBa.jpg (30196 bytes)            EMPIRE OF DESIRE-PAIR-WBa.jpg (35566 bytes)


*EMPIRE OF DESIRE seedling T05-15 (SUPREME EMPIRE X AMERICA'S MOST WANTED) 7" DOR 36" M RE The sculpting on EMPIRE OF DESIRE is something to behold! The extra large blooms with the green of the throat radiating out onto the petals along with the abundant ruffling make this intro very special. The breeding ability adds a value to EMPIRE OF DESIRE that pushes it over into a category of its own. We dug more babies from this one to line out for evaluation than we have from any single parent since CLARIFICATION. It gave us dramatic color and sculpting no matter what we crossed it with. Several of the babies show patterns of green on the sculpted portion which are wonderful. Being fertile both ways makes EMPIRE OF DESIRE a great breeding tool for anyone who enjoys sculpting. For the individual who simply wants a showy flower that demands attention in the garden, this intro is the ticket. Carrying three branches and 15 buds is enough to give a reasonable season of bloom but rebloom extends the season to a very satisfying level.                                                    double     $30


ASHWOOD INFERNO-WB.jpg (147787 bytes)


*ASHWOOD INFERNO seedling T08-51 (BURNING INHERITANCE X APACHE WAR DANCE) X (RUFFLED ROYALTY X THUNDER AND LIGHTNING) 6" SEV 28" SEV RE ASHWOOD INFERNO simply has the most spectacularly amazing color you or I have ever seen in a daylily. The shade of orange is so intense that you have trouble believing it is real. The image above is somewhat representative but the flower in real life is not to be believed. I asked every visitor here the last several years if they had ever seen a color like it in daylilies and the answer was always an unqualified "no". The fact that the bud count is 12 with 3 branches should tell you that there is still something very special about this cultivar. The intensity of the color simply makes up for the moderate bud count. And rebloom makes the season of bloom much longer than one might expect. I will confess to not having used ASHWOOD INFERNO in breeding so I am unable to speak to its breeding ability. We are simply not breeding for orange. But I have trouble imagining that the saturation of orange in ASHWOOD INFERNO will not give some spectacular results. Fertile both ways but the pollen is a lot easier than the pod fertility.          double $20

2010 note: We had never grown ASHWOOD INFERNO in anything but mediocre soil until we lined it out in the better soils of the sales beds. To our pleasant surprise, AI turned out to be a good instant rebloomer and gave a much longer season of bloom than we had thought. This pushes ASHWOOD INFERNO over into the category of a premium plant. That makes it a bargain for someone who is looking for instant rebloom. The bloom quality makes ASHWOOD INFERNO a worthy introduction. The instant rebloom makes it a stand out. 


LADIES NIGHT-WB.jpg (151787 bytes)


*LADIES' NIGHT OUT seedling T05-26 (BELLE OF ASHWOOD X MARY'S BABY) 5" SEV 42" SEV E RE We have come to value instant rebloom in so many of our plants but instant rebloom in purple has remained rare. By now you may be aware of the ability of BELLE OF ASHWOOD to put this kind of rebloom into its babies. In LADIES' NIGHT OUT we have a tool to bring that valuable characteristic into the purple lines. With 4 branches and 24 buds and instant rebloom, LADIES' NIGHT OUT offers a great base for breeding instant rebloom in your purple lines. Being fertile both ways this intro should give good results to those who chose to use it.                                           double $15                                                      


BUT WAITa-WBa.jpg (40750 bytes)              BUT WAIT CLUMP-WBb.jpg (112324 bytes)          BUT WAIT-DOUB-WBa.jpg (61187 bytes)


*BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE seedling T06-38 (DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK X CORAL MAJORITY) 5 1/4" DOR 42" M RE We crossed these two wonderful parents with no idea of what to expect. This was a most pleasant surprise. While we did not register BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE  as a double, the flowers double beautifully on rebloom, usually 100% of the time. The rebloom is aggressive so it is likely to rebloom farther north. There are even doubles which appear in the later part of the first round of bloom. The color of BWTM is a slightly more intense and slightly brighter shade than the parent, CORAL MAJORITY. There is a definite eye which is a little more saturated than the base petal color. But it is very much the same basic color. With 4 branches and 30 buds plus rebloom you are going to enjoy a very long season of bloom. The middle image can give you an idea of the fine quality of the branching. The name alludes to the fact that one is rewarded for waiting with the special surprise of the gorgeous double blossoms. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE is fertile both ways with very good pod fertility.                                                                                                                double $25


CORY TIPPLE-WBa.jpg (44191 bytes)      CORY TIPPLE-SM CLUMP-WBa.jpg (86239 bytes)       CORY TIPPLE CLUMP-A-WBb.jpg (66903 bytes)


*CORY TIPPLE seedling T02-31 (RUFFLED ROYALTY X THUNDER AND LIGHTNING) X MAXFIELD PARRISH 5 1/2" DOR 34" EM Named in honor of a young man who worked with us for several years, CORY TIPPLE is a startling presence in the garden. That has been true from its very first bloom. The wide and round petals are a lovely shade of deep mahogany red with startlingly wide yellow gold edges. We were amazed to see such wide edges on a northern plant. There is not the slightest problem with opening despite the wide edges. In fact in several years grow in my sister's Seattle garden, CORY TIPPLE has shown itself to open well under those challenging conditions. So I feel comfortable in calling it a CMO (cold morning opener).  A clump of CORY TIPPLE is a sight to behold. Three branches and 21 buds provide a grand show. CORY TIPPLE benefits from establishment more than the average daylily. The babies show very wide petals and unusual coloration  and that makes CORY TIPPLE a very desirable parent.                                                                                                                    double $15