APPROACHING STORM-a.JPG (233368 bytes)             APPROACHING STORM-clump.JPG (354072 bytes)

*APPROACHING STORM seedling T09-78 (seedling T01-59 x ASHWOOD SMOKEY JOE) 5 ½ “ DOR 36” M  With heavy scape density and a bud count of 35, APPROACHING STORM makes a great addition to our line of fine purples. The fine white line outlining the petals as well as the sepals simply adds to the pleasing presence of this cultivar. A clump of this introduction is very pleasing to the eye. We are confident that AS will be loved by those who choose to grow it. 

                                                                                                                                                                 DOUBLE $25



SIGHT FOR MORE EYES.jpg (293329 bytes)


SIGHT FOR MORE EYES seedling 07-2 (MARY FRANCES RAGAIN X IDA MAE NORRIS) 8 ½” DOR 42” EM This is just an early warning of the wonders to come from the IDA MAE NORRIS line of breeding. Sometimes measuring 9” in diameter, this full formed flower is a sight to behold. We never expected an eyed cultivar from this cross but treasure it we do. The basic color is a shade of rose pink with a deep rose eye. However, it is the impact of the flatness of the blossom combined with the immense size that makes it a standout. The supply is fairly limited and judging from the popularity of the plant with National Convention visitors here last summer, it will be snapped up in a hurry.                       DOUBLE  $30

 DANIEL HOWARD NORRISa.JPG (329629 bytes)         DHN-clump.JPG (374243 bytes)

DANIEL HOWARD NORRIS seedling 08-2 (KERMIT’S SCREAM X MARTHA EDSON NORRIS) 7” DOR 26 M DANIEL HOWARD NORRIS is what I had in mind when I made the first crosses of LIGHT OF DETROIT and WHEN I DREAM back in 1993. It only took 15 years to get what I wanted! When a hybridizer names a flower after a beloved family member, you know it is special. This beauty is named after my brother, professor emeritus of Botany at U. C. Berkeley. The 7 inch deep red blooms are in startling contract to the very large and very bright yellow green throat. The extreme contrast makes a statement in the garden like few other cultivars.                                                  DOUBLE $60



T04-21=HEIDI HUGS-wb.jpg (179371 bytes)

*HEIDI HUGS (seedling T04-21) 6" SEV 37" E (MARTINA VERHAERT X  seedling T01-36 [ direct CLARIFICATION baby]) Named in honor of our friend Heidi Douglas of Brown's Ferry Gardens fame. If you have had the delight of being around Heidi, you know that she enjoys a hug as much as anybody you know. The wonderful owl's ear features on the edges of many of the blossoms remind us of the joyful hugs that Heidi gives. HEIDI HUGS is a delightful shade of rich pink with purple and a vibrant purple eye and edge. The green throat just seems to have been born to make this one an outstanding plant. With 22 buds the plant will keep blooming for a long time. The foliage and general plant habit are what customers have come to expect from our introductions. Fertile both ways                                                                                 double fan $40


t09-30=SPORTIN' LIFE-wb.jpg (271518 bytes)


*SPORTIN' LIFE (seedling T09-30) 6 1/2" SEV 32" M RE (JERRY HYATT X seedling T04-39) It was the rich coloration and good rebloom that convinced us to introduce this beauty. Ever since we bloomed the first kids out of JERRY HYATT we knew that several would need to be introduced. This one is simply too pretty to pass up. The 15 buds are enough to give reasonable season of bloom but the rebloom assures satisfaction.   Fertile both ways                           double fan $20 


8-14=REMEMBERED KISSES-wb.jpg (77527 bytes)


*REMEMBERED KISSES (seedling T08-14) 6" DOR 38"  EM RE  (seedling T04-10 x seedling T04-7) This has become our go-to cultivar in breeding for red eyes on really clear petal colors. The petals are a very light cream, almost a white. The contrast with the brilliant red of the eye and edge makes this a standout in the garden. 22 buds and rebloom assure that there are blossoms for an extended period of time. Both parents are from the CLARIFICATION line of breeding which gives an idea of how clean and clear the coloration of both the eye and edge and the base petal are. Clicking on the image above will show you how well the green throat makes the flower stand out. As a half sib of the phenomenal SAM ABELL by way of T04-7, you know to expect the plant habit to be excellent. Fertile both ways.                                    DOUBLE $75


T05-36=BORDERS ON BORDEAUX-wb.jpg (266368 bytes)   

*BORDERS ON BORDEAUX (seedling T05-36) 5 1/2" EM 44" DOR RE (PEARL HARBOR X TUPAC AMARU) A bud count of 32 on plants that were growing on mediocre soil makes BORDERS ON BORDEAUX a fine choice for the gardener who wants an excellent plant. For the hybridizer, this is one of our best offers to date. We have a number of babies for this one awaiting introduction. The watermarks are greatly enhanced in many of the babies and the fine plant habit is readily passed along. The petal color is a delightful shade of rose purple and the very whitish watermark enhances the overall elegant look. There is a bubbled white gold edge with a hint of blue that gives an added dimension of distinction to the enchanting blossom. Fertile both ways. 

                                                                                                                                        DOUBLE $60 


9-24=ASHWOOD'S PLUM CRAZY-wb.jpg (61682 bytes)

*ASHWOOD'S PLUM CRAZY (seedling T09-24) 6 1/4" M 28" DOR RE (JERRY HYATT X seedling 03-53) A very special flower, ASHWOOD'S PLUM CRAZY, illustrates the breeding power of Curt Hansen's fine JERRY HYATT. This introduction never fails to draw the attention of visitors here. The look is a little different from most of our introductions at Ashwood but we would be plum crazy to not introduce this charmer. A bud count of 19 with good rebloom satisfies. The petals are rich smoky rose purple with a light lavender purple watermark outlined in a darker border. The sepals are an even richer shade of rose purple making this the elusive reverse bitone. The way the sepals twist puts this introduction into a whole new category for us. Just pure fun! Fertile.                                                                                DOUBLE $50

T09-99=BUTTERMILK PIE-wb.jpg (208553 bytes)

*BUTTERMILK PIE (seedling T09-99) 8" SEV 27" EM RE (seedling T05-23 x BUTTERCREAM) One of my main goals in breeding has been to produce tetraploids with the flattest throat areas that I am able. Whatley's iconic BUTTERCREAM has been one of the few tets that meet this description up to now, This exciting introduction out of it takes the look another step in that direction. It also increases the size and adds good rebloom to the picture. BUTTERMILK PIE is flat from the very heart of the throat while showing more ruffling and depth of color. Dancing stamens are just a little side benefit that make this a great addition to the field. We have seen three rounds of bloom from this one. Fertile                          DOUBLE $50


7-31=PURPLE PASSION'S PROMISE-wb-A.jpg (283532 bytes) 

*PURPLE PASSION'S PROMISE (seedling T07-31) 5" SEV 37" M RE (JERRY HYATT X ASHWOOD SMOKEY JOE)  Oh my  goodness, the color. This is so rich that I was amazed the first time I saw it blooming in the seedling fields. The richest of deep rose purples, PURPLE PASSION'S PROMISE sports a fine white edge that emphasizes the intense beauty of the flower. The smoky grape, rose, purple watermark is a sight to behold. And the deeper shaded outline to the watermark makes the look even more intriguing. To make this introduction even more special, instant rebloom keeps the beauty going in the garden a long time. Starting with 22 buds on the first scapes, the second round takes the performance up several notches. Fertile.                                                                                                                                                 double fan $30


t07-34= MITCH LYND-wb.jpg (296091 bytes)

*MITCH LYND (seedling T07-34) 5" DOR 26" M RE (seedling T03-17 x seedling T04-27) We have long sought to clear up the gold and yellow edged reds from the mutual color interferences. On most everything we have seen in this color range, the red bleeds over onto the edge and muddies the color and the gold or yellow of the edge muddies the petal color. This introduction has broken that connection. The edge color and the petal colors are separate. You can only imagine what that does for the over color clarity. You will see about 16 buds on MITCH LYND. But very good rebloom keeps the plant going and going. This year, 2011, there were reblooms scapes on most of the lineouts well into the fall. This cultivars is named in honor of a friend of ours who is an icon in the Columbus, Ohio area. His Lynd Fruit Farm has been a staple of fall field trips for Columbus families for decades. Mitch's ancestors have grown apples on the same land for some 4-5 generations and provided the people of Ohio with a marvelous fall treat. We are convinced that this introduction is fitting tribute to very fine man. Fertile both ways.                                                                                                                      DOUBLE $35



08-6=PEARLY MAE-wb.jpg (199110 bytes)

PEARLY MAE (SEEDLING 08-6) 6 1/2" DOR 41" ML ( BAND SHELL X IDA MAE NORRIS) Don't underestimate this one. It is a beauty. It is a yellow with a pearly rose blush. Those who have seen it here have loved it. There is a great plant under this charming flower. A rich green throat that becomes a bit more yellow as it moves out from the heart sets off the look of the flower very well. A bud count of 25 makes it a very nice daylily.                                             double fan $30

2016 NOTE : For the past two years PEARLY MAE has been the pod parent for more of our hybridization efforts than any other parent, by far. It comprised 30-40% of all the crosses in 2014. For us to put that much faith and effort into one plant lets you know how much confident we have in this plant. It is simply the finest plant in our diploid lines by leaps and bounds, even beating out the wonderful SHARON'S DELIGHT. Now if it does pan out to be as good a breeder as SD we will be in seventh heaven.  



4-36=AMERICA DISCOVERS COLUMBUS-wb.jpg (304523 bytes)

*AMERICA DISCOVERS COLUMBUS (seedling T04-36) 5 1/2" DOR 42" (MARQUEE MOON X ASHWOOD SMOKEY JOE) A well branched and budded beauty at 42" in height with a bud count of 36. The fine lavender border with a hint of blue matches the watermark. Overall a very fine plant that will make the convention growers who receive it very happy. Pod fertile but difficult, pollen is better.                                                                                     LIMITED DOUBLE FAN $25


T05-42=REPEATED DISCOVERY-wb.jpg (216630 bytes)

*REPEATED DISCOVERY (seedling T05-42) 6 1/4" SEV 45" M RE (BELLE OF ASHWOOD X MANDALAY BAY MUSIC) Those who grow or know BELLE OF ASHWOOD will see the reflection of that great plant in REPEATED DISCOVERY. What makes this one special is that it takes most of the strong points of BOA and enhances them a notch. The bud count is better. The rebloom is measurably better. The branching is better. If you are lucky enough to receive this one at the convention, you will be growing a fine performing beauty. The babies have furthered the improvement of the look of BOA. Fertile both ways.                                                                                        awarded an H.M. by the daylily society 2016    DOUBLE $30 

2016 note: We are getting feedback from all over the country that REPEATED DISCOVERY is performing exceptionally well in a wide variety of areas. With excellent distribution by way of the 2012 National (150 divisions being distributed there) it has proven itself. Let us know if you have experience with RD, be it one way or another.