RED OUT LOUD  (seedling 11-35) 5 1/2" SEV 30" RE EM (SHARON'S DELIGHT X seedling 09-10) This cultivar shows much of the same impact as 2016's OUR NEW KERMITMENT but with a more intense shade of red and very waxy intense green throat. Adding rebloom to the package makes this one a certain winner. The rollback that is visible in the image above is one of the faces of RED OUT LOUD. Depending on the day you may see a much flatter bloom. We are in love with both looks. The variety of looks can be seen in the images below. The fact that OUR NEW KERMITMENT sold down to a couple of proliferations will make it unavailable here for a couple of years. However, since it grows so well we may have enough to offer it again in 2018. In the meantime RED OUT LOUD is a more than excellent option for anyone that was disappointed to not be able get ONK, Being fertile both ways will make RED OUT LOUD an additional weapon in the arsenal to create distinctive looks in this genre. 4 branches with 18 buds. Additional images below will give further perspective on the richness of the potentials in this fine intro.

                                                                                                                                                                DOUBLE $150

11-35c.JPG (683524 bytes)          11-35clp.JPG (540001 bytes)





ASHWOOD BLOOM WITH A VIEW (Robarts - Norris intro)  (seedling 13-22) (Last Midnight X SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE) 5 1/4" SEV M 39" Unique in the truest sense of the word, BLOOM WITH A VIEW is immediately recognizable. In the garden the green in throat area reads as spots in a way that I have never seen before, anywhere. (Larry Grace liked this one so well and was so fascinated by the unique look that he took it home for conversion.) One of my prime criteria for introductions is the idea that a new plant should have a characteristic that sets it apart from previously available daylilies. BLOOM WITH A VIEW meets and exceeds that criteria. This one has consistently charmed visitors here and we promise that you will fall in love with the look. I was unable to pass the line-out row the last several years without stopping to admire this one. Distinction is so important in daylilies and that is what this intro has in the extreme.4 branches with 28 buds. The fact that BWAV is fertile both ways makes it an intriguing candidate for use in hybridization. Images below will give you more perspective on the plant. Just remember to click on the tiny image to see the full view.  

We will apologize that the images do not show that green as spots. We would like to assure you that that is how they read in the garden, from as reasonable distance as well as close up.                                                                                                                                                                                                             DOUBLE $125   

BWAVa.JPG (441682 bytes)      13-22clp.JPG (986858 bytes)       





RETHINK PINK  (seedling 13-16) 6 1/2" DOR 29" RE EM (SHARON'S DELIGHT X SECRET ARSENAL)  As a seedling this one gave me my most admired seedling in 2015. A cross of two of my best breeders in the SE lines, RETHINK PINK continues to be a go-to parent in the quest for the hibiscus look in my introductions. Currently under the conversion process by Larry Grace, RP is very likely to have a significant program in his tet program. His comment to me, "Richard, this is going to be an important daylily" made me feel good at the time and even better in retrospect. Using this intro in your program will significantly move it in the direction of producing startling seedlings of clear distinction. We can assure you this cultivar will be a important addition to you breeding efforts. If you do not hybridize this one will stand out in your garden in a way that few cultivars do. 18 buds on 3 branches. Fertile both ways. Image below will give more perspective on the distinction of this introduction.                                                                                                                                                                                        DOUBLE 125


13-16CLMP.JPG (476037 bytes)  





RIVETING ROSIE  (seedling 11-38) 6 1/4" DOR 27" RE L (SEEDLING X IDA MAE NORRIS) An excellent choice for the late bloom it gives, RIVETING ROSIE will add to your pleasure just when most everything is gone. A clear, vibrant shade of rose pink, this intro makes a splash when the rest of the garden is fading away. The fact that there is still rebloom after the initial round makes a moderate bud count of 12 seem like so much more. Despite the fact that this one is fertile both ways, we have not used it in our program as we are not purposefully breeding for lates as we mainly focus on the hibiscus form. For those interested in breeding for late bloomers, the IDA MAE NORRIS blood in the RR will likely give some beautiful results.                              DOUBLE $100


11-38.JPG (414818 bytes)   





ASHWOOD FIREBOLT (seedling 15-32) 8" SEV 38" M (EVIDENCE OF ALIENS x seedling) The height, size and striking green throat make this a prominent presence in the garden. We feel this is a significant step in the pursuit of the hibiscus form in the program. We registered this as an 8 inch flower but that was from a late blooming flower on the scape. The earlier blooms will be larger. A tiny bump in the size and a straitening out of the segments will get us very close to the desired form we want which will evoke the magnificence of the larger hibiscus blooms. The blossoms show a rich glow of red with a touch of orange. The entirety of the blossom with the contrasting green throat is very satisfying. Buds amount to around 18 on three branches. Fertile                                                                                 DOUBLE $100

ashfirerow.JPG (423904 bytes)







IN A CHEERFUL VEIN (seedling 15-6) 6 1/2" DOR 30" EM  (Doctor Prescribed x IDA MAE NORRIS) This is the prettiest veined daylily I have ever seen. With 3 branches and 22 buds it puts on a charming show for good, long time. This cultivar would make a delightful addition to any garden that wants unique and attractive plants to simply enjoy. The value for anyone who is interested in breeding in the direction of veining in diploids is clearly evident. As we are not focusing on veining we have not generated the information on fertility. That was an oversight. However, if you buy this cultivar for the purpose of breeding and it does not provide babies by the way of either pollen or pod, let us know and we will refund your purchase price.                                                                                                 DOUBLE  $100in a cheer.JPG (283240 bytes)





SIGHS MATTER (seedling 14-14) 8" DOR 36" EM (seedling of IDA MAE NORRIS x Emerald Starburst) We are excited to be able to offer this wonderful cross between the Doorakian lines and the SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE lines. It is a consensus of many that this is where the next new developments are likely to come. The brilliance of the red coloration and the sheer volume of the blossoms convinces us that there is tremendous potential for very large blossoms with very large and green throats. The throat is a deeper shade of green than indicated in the image and is outlined by a clear shade of white. The blossoms measured a full 8" late in the bloom cycle. If they were flattened out further by breeding, there is enough petal material there to get much closer to our goal of 10" to 12" completely full form, hibiscus style blooms. Simply a stand out in the garden! Fertile.                                                                                                                                                       DOUBLE $125

sighs mat.JPG (664585 bytes)     sighs mat-a.JPG (756041 bytes)     sighs row.JPG (447618 bytes)





*NEVERENDING DREAM (seedling T10-19) 7" DOR 32" M RE (((Quality of Mercy x Marquee Moon) x seedling) x seedling) We introduce this mainly for the breeder who is looking to pursue the never ending dream of a truly white tet daylily. This is another area of pursuit we choose not to expend our efforts in. At 73 years of age, I no longer wish to spread my efforts in as many directions as I once did. The blossom of NEVERENDING DREAM shows a clear shade of white with a tiny infusion of pink, which we are told by a specialist in white breeding, is not common.The tiny bit of breeding we have done with this plant indicates the ability to produce the whitest babies of all I have seen, whiter than all my previous seedlings and whiter than any of the commercially registered cultivars I have examined. We have a baby of Neverending Dream that is tissue paper white with the least color interference from any other pigmentation. Unfortunately, the baby is very slow to increase, unlike the parent, and is not likely to be available any time soon. With rebloom and fertility this intro should give someone a great daylily to work with.  DOUBLE $100




ENDURING CHARM (seedling T15-4) 4 3/4" DOR EM RE (seedling x seedling) This is a cultivar that falls into the category of that the seedling that screams introduction from the very first bloom. This was our reaction to such standouts as BELLE OF ASHWOOD, MARY'S BABY, SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE and a few others. That reaction occurred before we even witnessed the instant rebloom of  Enduring Charm. That instant rebloom can be followed late in the season by regular rebloom, giving a floral impact of the highest order. There are 32 buds on three tree-like branches on the initial bloom. The instant rebloom is similarly productive even if slightly less generous with the bud counts. Our initial reaction to the blossom was based however on the glow of fine china we see on the petals, a quality that is not visible in the photographic image. For years we have specialized in the eyed/edged style of blossom, raising tens of thousands and we have never seen such a rich glow of fine china that we see in this one. The seedlings involved in the background of Enduring Charm are both down from CLARIFICATION and as such are likely to show ever richer and clearer tones in the babies. This one is fertile but we are not actively pursuing much in the eyed/edged genre at this time so this intro offers an opportunity for someone breeding in that area to create some spectacular looks with a unique glow from the petals and sepals.                                                                      DOUBLE $100