After working sixteen years as a nurse in emergency rooms throughout the United States , Mary Lightfine, a self-professed adrenaline junkie, uproots her life and plants herself in the middle of Mogadishu , Somalia where she decides to join an organization called Doctors Without Borders.  This decision gave her a chance to feel what war, starvation and desperation was like from another completely different perspective that changed her life forever and inspired her to write NURSES, NOMADS AND WARLORDS.  During the past twelve years Mary has lived and worked in more than a dozen countries, including some of the most hellish spots on earth; she has been seen In LIFE Magazine, The History Channel and on countless news headlines, as well as National and International television.


Mary was ambushed and shot at in Somalia , delivered babies in the jungles of Sri Lanka , and traveled by jeep, foot and donkey in perilous Afghani Mountains full of land mines, to help isolated inhabitants.  She brought food to remote villages by helicopter in Nicaragua , and Louisiana after the hurricanes and to starving refugees in South Sudan following the destruction of their villages by government alliances.  She was one of the first to provide medical aid to Kosovar refugees who had experienced unthinkable horrors.  Mary is a seasoned veteran of the Nobel Prize winning organization, Doctors Without Borders and founder and President of Nurse Without Boundaries and Volunteers Without Boundaries.  Through her inspirational compelling stories, you will see the humor in humanity and feel the tragedy of war.  You will be educated, entertained and discover how you can make a difference in your life and in the world around you. 


Today Mary Lightfine has become a pilot and lives in Daytona Beach , Florida with her husband, Paul Rooy and their two dogs.  Mary travels extensively performing international charity work and sharing her experiences with organizations and Colleges throughout the United States . Mary believes that one person can make a difference in one’s own life and in the world around us. Click here to be taken to the web site of Mary's charitable organization, Volunteers Without Boundaries.


Nominated Lecturer of the year by APCA






An exciting, page turning, true story of adventure, murder, romance and international intrigue; this book drops you down in the middle of Mogadishu, Somalia during a time of violent anarchy and civil unrest. You are forced to see, smell and touch the masses of starved, maimed and dying while bombs and machine gunfire rip through the air just outside the shattered windows of Digfer Hospital where you work side by side with courageous volunteers. The characters are real, unforgettable and unique.  You will experience the tragedy of war and witness the humor in humanity.  You will laugh and cry but you… will not forget this story.