T09-42=7-10X17.JPG (101491 bytes)

As fine as SAM ABELL is below we have a new star, although in a slightly different color class. The seedling above is T09-42. It is almost certainly a future introduction and a first class introduction at that. Out of a cross of two great grandchildren of CLARIFICATION. T09-42 again demonstrates the extreme ability for clearer and clearer colors from the CLARIFICATION genes. Make sure you click on the image above to see how clear the colors are in this beautiful eyed/edged cultivar. As you may have come to expect, the plant habit is exemplary with instant rebloom adding to the garden and the hybridizing value of this seedling. The fans are big husky and vigorous with deep green foliage which forms that tight dormant bud that is so attractive. We are starting a waiting list for this one so you might be wise to get on it if this is your kind of flower. Introduction will likely come in 2013 or 2014. 

T09-42 has come to share the spotlight with SAM ABELL (below) as the premier breeder in the CLARIFICATION line. Although we have seen no babies from it, we are confident that they will be further steps forward in this treasured line.

2016 NOTE; The last several years have taught us a lesson. Keep your expectations in check. This beautiful seedling has shown itself to give tender seedlings time after time, with the more hardy ones being the exception. We can not in good conscience introduce that characteristic as so many of those who buy our introductions do so for use in hybridization. With that in mind, the stock of T09-42 has been, with tears in our eyes been destroyed. 


6-4f-wb.jpg (103087 bytes)         6-4zwb.jpg (79669 bytes)

The two images above are of the same seedling, T06-4. This one has been over the last year and a half the premier breeder in the CLARIFICATION line. It has all of the characteristics we could dream of in the development of our eyed/edged look. It well budded and branched with a long bloom season. This year (08) this seedling began blooming in late June and did not end until well into August all the same time it was setting hundreds of seeds in a drought. The blossom is about 7" in diameter, opening the first thing in a cool morning. The second image is more accurate as to the base petal color while the first is a truer representation of the basis presentation of the blossom. Being very fertile both ways, 6-4 was much used in the garden the past two years. A few early seedlings from this one clearly reveals a great parent in the making.

We had planned on T06-4 as an introduction for the current (09) year. However when we saw the phenomenal quality of the first round of babies we decided to selfishly hold back another year and use the heck out of it for another year. Essentially every visitor here asked for the plant to be reserved for them. The supply will be good but the amount of preliminary interest indicates that the supply will be pressed.

2010!--Seedling T06-4 is now SAM ABELL. 

 SAM ABELL is as close to a perfect cultivar as we have had the privilege of seeing bloom here. The breeding ability is on a par with CLARIFICATION and BELLE OF ASHWOOD. It is also very fertile both ways. The cold morning opening is about as good as you could hope for. It is a large flower just as we wish for. The contrast between the petal color and the edge is just what we like. The width of the edge is as great as any cultivar here. 

SAM ABELL is the result of a cross of two grandbabies of CLARIFICATION. We continue in our advice that crossing half-sibs and grandchildren out CLARIFICATION is a very rewarding approach to eyed/edged breeding.


T10-27=6-4X18.JPG (131676 bytes)

2010 note: The 2010 bloom season showed us enough double and triple edges babies from SAM ABELL that we consider it a top notch breeder for those attributes. Above you will see one of the many babies that will be the backbone of some very exciting breeding that will come from SAM ABELL.

T11-20-wb.jpg (337948 bytes)

This seedling caught our attention as a change in the basic look in the eyed/edged program. It is T11-20.



1-95 x 4-6)4-1-wb.jpg (75973 bytes)   

Here is one of a number of babies from 6-4 that helped to convince us of its supreme breeding ability. A cross of CLARITY OF VISION with seedling 6-4, this one caught our attention for the get-go. 

4-29 X 1-wb.jpg (83660 bytes)

Here is a half-sib to 6-4 which demonstrates the strength in that line. Both share a common parent, T04-1, which I now refer to as my "miracle breeder". It is a superior breeder which will never be introduced because almost every baby it produces is its superior. Extreme double edges are commonly found in this line.


6-18awb.jpg (87020 bytes)


 A baby out of FIRST CRUSH, one more in the CLARIFICATION line, T06-18 here, is another which is headed for introduction. While 6-4 is a in-your-face cultivar in the manner we enjoy, T06-18 is subtle, feminine and soft. I found myself being able to instantly identify babies out of 6-18 this past summer without looking at the parentage. There was just a gentle and pleasing look to them and that is what made them stand out in the seedling patches.  


6-3b-wb.jpg (71515 bytes)

Here is a seedling on the fast track towards introduction. It will be named in honor of two dear friends, Larry and Marla Work. Larry has been a great help to me the last few years in getting two of the biggest jobs done here. Larry has been working along side of me in getting the little seedling out of their winter greenhouse pots and ready for spring transplant. With a typical 10,000 to 15,000 plants to deal with, that is a big job indeed. Larry has been helping me getting the seeds planted in the fall and that is no minor job either. The number of this fine seedling is T06-3. It is most likely going to be introduced in 2010 as WORKS FOR ME.-------Yes, it is now introduced as WORKS FOR ME. (2010)

8-47=4-10 x 5-7-wb.jpg (383141 bytes)    8-10=4-10 x 5-7wb.jpg (99292 bytes)

Here are two more great grandchildren out the CLARIFICATION line. The first seedling received a number of comments about the quality of the red coloration in the eye and edge. Several hybridizers opined that it was the finest shade of red they had seen in the eye and edge of any cultivar. I concur. 

T10-14.JPG (107536 bytes)          T10-20=1-47x7-11.JPG (169718 bytes)

Two more seedlings out of the CLARIFICATION lines. The one on the right is especially significant in that it is a cross of NO BLUE OXFORDS with a CLARIFICATION grandbaby. They just keep getting fancier and clearer in color.