This page contains images of a very special breeder. This is our 2003 introduction,  CLARIFICATION. It is the best breeder for eyes and edges we have used here and we grow and use most of the best of the named cultivars from all over. All the seedlings from CLARIFICATION are wider, clearer and brighter than it is and usually than the other parent. It is a cross of MASK OF TIME X CREATIVE EDGE. Neither of these is a dormant but CLARIFICATION clearly is. It passes that dormancy along to the kids.  There simply are not many northern bred dormant cultivars with the advancement of these babies. Take a look at the following images and see if you don't agree that there is something very special in this breeder. A trend that became clearer during the 2003 season was that the ability of CLARIFICATION to give cleaner colors is further enhanced in the grandkids. When two of the children are bred together their babies show a distinct improvement of the clarity of color. 



                           MASK_OF_TIME.jpg (46521 bytes)                                        CREATIVE_EDGE.jpg (164155 bytes)

                               MASK OF TIME                                X                CREATIVE EDGE gave:



                                                            T98-12 (CLARIFICATION)




                     SAM_ABELL_1-WBb.jpg (71399 bytes)

Click on the image above to see our 2010 introduction, SAM ABELL. It is the product of crossing two grandchildren of CLARIFICATION. We recommend this kind of crossing to those who are using CLARIFICATION in their breeding programs.



                                                                                               3-4.jpg (84452 bytes)


The flower pictured above is from a cross of SHERRY LANE CARR X CLARIFICATION.  It is now named ASHWOOD SUMMER SUNSHINE Lined out into our new "clay soup" bed in the fall of '04 T03-4 was not fazed. It grew very well blooming and then reblooming on wonderful scapes. We do not expect to see unestablished plants always bloom let alone rebloom. ASHWOOD SUMMER SUNSHINE has the plant qualities we seek for an introduction.  It has already proven itself a very good breeder with babies departing from the look from its half sibs such as MARDI GRAS BEADS and CLARITY OF VISION. It will be hard to say which of these plants will shake out to be the most important breeder but this one is in the running.   





                                                                             RAVENGRDKID1.jpg (24698 bytes)                          RAVENGRDKID2.jpg (25660 bytes)

The above two images are included to demonstrate why we chose the name CLARIFICATION for this introduction. Both of these images are of 2002 seedlings, FLIGHT OF THE RAVEN x CLARIFICATION. We have never gotten light colored seedlings from FOTR before. If CLARIFICATION can produce these clear, bright colors in this cross, it may well do that in almost any cross. We named CLARIFICATION before we had seen the above results. They have only served to solidify our faith in the ability of C to clear and brighten colors as can very few cultivars we have ever seen.  

DSC_9166.JPG (227120 bytes)    DSC_9372.JPG (239388 bytes)

The above images are to illustrate the breeding power of a very special introduction by our friend Mike Derrow. It is EMPIRE OF DAWN AND DUSK, a direct baby of CLARIFICATION. We hate to admit this but from the limited number of seedlings we have seen from this great breeder, we think that Mke's intro may be the best yet to come out of the CLARIFICATION first generation.