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The above seedling is now introduced as GREATFUL RED. Careful attention may reveal the altered spelling. That was purposeful as we wanted to emphasize the idea of the quality of the cultivar and not the idea of gratitude. However we are quite grateful to have be gifted with this fine daylily. 

Every few years a seedling comes along that is so much a leap ahead that you know it will be an introduction. It may also be a seedling that is likely to change some of the focus of your hybridization. Such is seedling T10-30, a cross of RED HAT DIVA and Jack Carpenter's WORTH IT ALL. Over and over we spotted this one from 60-70 yards away and were blown away by its presence. So large and outward facing as the best are and often over 7" despite drought conditions, T10-30 kept up that size even in rebloom. This seedling along with all the others here were subjected to the worst onslaught of deer we have ever seen. Where most of the seedlings planted at the same time in 2009 did not even bloom, T10-30 bloomed with a decent bud count in the upper twenties and then rebloomed on a similar scape. We are generating a list to put his one on hold already. So if red is your thing you may want to get on this list as a sell out is likely. This is the kind of result that makes hybridizing daylilies so much fun.  


Here is a seedling which is on the very top of our list for introduction. It is an outstanding red with great buds, branching and a commanding presence. The seedling is T011-37, a full sib to GREATFUL RED, shown above. We will be able to introduce T11-37 fairly soon as it has increased faster than most. It will make a wonderful addition to our line of reds. We should be able to introduce it a year or two sooner than the phenomenal sib. But if you are fond of reds both plants will be treasured in your garden. We can not wait until we see what these two can create in the seedling fields. 2012 will show us the wonders that we expect to see out of GREATFUL RED. And there are actually some seedlings from T11-37 crossed to the converted 02-3 which should bloom in 2013. Wow! 


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This page will be developed to illustrate the breeding potentials of RED HAT DIVA. The seedling above is the product of RHD with seedling T04-37. This is another link in the chain of hybridizations that we hope will lead to a strong purple with wide, clear white edge. There is a long way to go but what is a hybridizer if not an optimist? 





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