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While most of the developments in color changers here only reflect a moderate amount of development as illustrated by the images above, some of the looks are startling and open new horizons for progress in this genre. The one below shows some of the reason we have for our intense interest in this look. An interest which, we understand, is now shared by a growing number of hybridizers from the small backyard hybridizer to the Stout Medal holders such as the unstoppable Larry Grace and the illustrious Jamie Gossard.  

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The picture is a bit dark but still allows you to get an idea of the nature of the blossom. It is from a cross of PIGMENT OF IMAGINATION and our future 11-25, the tie dyed one. The first image above is a full sib. In person the flower fairly glows with the iridescence of a fine opal. There is no color in a daylily that I have seen like it. The downside is that the plant is tiny and seemingly slow to grow. However, PIGMENT OF IMAGINATION was like that in the seedling bed when we found it years ago. As soon as we moved it into better soil it exploded in growth and has since proven itself to be a very vigorous grower. We can only hope that this one follows the same pattern. If that is the case this may turn out to be as significant a seedling as 04-11, now widely known as PIGMENT OF IMAGINATION.