This page is dedicated to our 2002 introduction, MARY LIGHTFINE and her progeny, as well as others in our white-edged purple lines. MARY has proven to be a very good breeder for us and feel that she will be for others. There is no way to convey the extreme quality of the blue purple coloring in this cultivar, except to see the flower in person. From the first year that MARY bloomed, we have said that if there were no white edge on this flower, it would still be a prime candidate for introduction, due to the beautiful color. It is very hard to remove the influence of red from purple daylilies, but this one is a definite and strong step in that direction. 

2005 note: Last November we learned that MARY LIGHTFINE won an HM with the AMERICAN HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY. As this was her first season of eligibility we are especially pleased to see the flower honored. There were votes from the garden judges in 10 of the 15 AHS regions. This is an assurance of wide adaptability of this fine cultivar.           






                                    Mary's Baby Storrmann.JPG (164326 bytes)

         T01-71 2003 INTRODUCTION  Mary's Baby    




The second image was taken in the Kansas garden of Gene Stormann. We are pleased to see how well Gene captured the saturation and intensity of the plant. Tanks, Gene, for sending the image.  



MARY LIGHTFINE is a good breeder. Yet we had to raise some 3,000 seedlings to come up with one with the qualities of a MARY'S BABY. MB is, on the other other hand an even better parent than is MARY LIGHTFINE. Many of its babies are its equal, with beautiful color and wonderful bud counts and branching. The first few hundred babies out of MARY'S BABY yielded four or five that look like introductory quality. It is with great anticipation that we look forward to the 05 season when we bloom another 3,000 or so. If you are looking for a breeder for clear saturated purple with lots of buds and good plant habit, MARY'S BABY is as good as it gets right now in my opinion. The babies usually show nice clear white edges which are about 1/8" wide. We are hoping that babies like the one below are going to lead us to really wide (1/4" to 1/2"?) edges in a bright white. 





Marys_Baby_Storrmann.JPG (164326 bytes) 

Of course you are likely to be familiar with the progeny of MARY LIGHTFINE shown here, MARY'S BABY. This has been one of our most popular introductions, winning a Honorable Mention several years ago. This plant has be a stalwart performer in a very wide area of the country. It has also been an interesting breeder for a number of people as seen below.

1-10=5-36-MB-wb.jpg (174607 bytes) 

This is seedling T11-10, a cross of our new introduction BORDERS ON BORDEAUX with MARY'S BABY. The expansion of the watermark well past that seen on either parent is a pleasant surprise.  


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