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Most of the following images of patterns are out of either SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE or IDA MAE NORRIS, the direct baby of SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. In the case of several from IDA MAE NORRIS there was no hint of a pattern in either parent. We have found IMN to be a treasure trove of genetics for the production of patterns. And what is even more valuable is that the babies are large, ranging from 6" to even 9". This breaks the genetic block in most diploid programs which keeps the patterned seedlings in the much smaller range. Here are some of the patterned surprises from the last several years. 


11-4=TEXCAL-IMNa-wb.jpg (301104 bytes)           11-4-wb.jpg (35342 bytes)           11-7=COSCAL-IMN-wb.jpg (227061 bytes)          11-8-wb.jpg (36023 bytes)            11-12=tex cal-se-wb.jpg (321139 bytes)          11-17=COSKAL-IMN-wb.jpg (230577 bytes) 11-20=TEX KALxSE-wb.jpg (344901 bytes)                         11-20=TEXCAL-SE-wb.jpg (222798 bytes)                  11-45=COSKAL-IMN-wb.jpg (294195 bytes) 

Over the next several years we will identify the individual seedlings and there parentages as we see if the plants are worthy of further attention, even introduction. From the performance of several in 2011, it would seem likely that there will be some of these that will be of value in producing patterned diploids in the larger range of sizes. 


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