The next step in the development of the SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE line whose defining characteristic is the ultra flat no-trumpet look in the throat is the hibiscus form. This form consists of a extra large blossoms and completely flat faces which have no roll back in the petals and sepals. The size we are seeking is the 10" to 12" range in a broad variety of patterns, styles and colors. From what we are seeing in the seedling fields coming out of the grandbabies and great grandbabies of SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE this look is only a season or two away from realization. 


seedling 11-37 future introduction

seedling 14-21 

A baby of KERMIT'S SCREAM and MARTHA EDSON NORRIS. While this is not the flat form we seek this look has a place as well. What this on offers to the pursuit of the hibiscus form is a tremendous amount of flower to work with. Even with the complete rollback the flower measures in the 6 to 61/2" range. The right breeding might allow some of the babies to flatten out and then the size will be more in the range we seek. In any event we are charmed by the edged appearance in the absence of any eye. The great big throat is not unwelcome either. This seedling offers a unique look in our experience, something that is missing in so many of the introduction these days.  

seedling 11-36 (registered for 2016 as OUR NEW KERMITMENT)

A full sib of the 2015 introduction, SHARIN' THE SECRET, this seedling is on the docket to be an introduction for 2016. Bearing a resemblance to our KERMIT'S SCREAM, it takes that look several big steps in the right direction. The color is a brighter clearer red and the throat is a more pronounced green. The plant habit, vigor and increase are the area of greatest improvement. The fertility is good, setting pods fairly easily and possessing very good pollen. It was one of our most used pollens in 2014 and is likely to continue to be so in the coming season. We would just like to flatten the entire blossom out more in the line with the very flat throat. Many people will be perfectly pleased with the flower just as it is. But it is the defining characteristic of the dyed-the-wool hybridizer that he/she is never completely pleased with any plant. (The closest I have some is with the 2015 introduction, SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS. And then it is only because the flower is yellow that it falls short of perfect. But since I am fond of good yellows I might be closer to fully pleased than some would be. I would be willing to wager there is not a better yellow anywhere when evaluated on clear color and garden performance.)   





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