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Our introduction, BELLE OF ASHWOOD, is one of the finest plants, instant rebloomers and parents we have introduced. But we have covered that extensively else where. This page is dedicated to what we are seeing coming from the breeding. Perhaps the most significant characteristic from BOA is the way in which it puts instant reblooming ability into its babies. We learned in 2007 that a double dose of Belle can do what you see in the image below. 

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The image above is a from the 2015 season and shows a seedling from the cross of BELLE OF ASHWOOD and Brooker's AUTUMN REFLECTIONS. This cross, consisting of a little over 100, gave us some unique results. The seedling above was one of the prettier faces. But it was not the faces that caught our attention as much as the performance. The image above rebloomed as one would expect. But the siblings were the ones that astounded;

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You will need to click on the thumbnail above to see why we were astounded. What you are looking at was a single fan when it initiated bloom. There is an initial scape up. But there are 5 instant rebloom scapes arising simultaneously. The season showed that the plant was able to support the bloom of these scapes but they were not the ideal scapes that we expect. So this plant is not likely to be that desirable for the home gardener. Its value may lie in the creation of instant rebloom in the next generation. With such a powerful concentration of genetics to cause and support instant rebloom, we hope to see these plants as useful in p the pursuit of that wonderful characteristic. There were two sibs in the row that showed 4 sets of instant rebloom scapes. The remainder of the siblings almost all had at least a single round. The image below shows the flower from the above seedling. It is fairly typical of the others in the cross. 

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We felt the flower deserved some attention just based on the quality of the bloom. But with five instant rebloom scapes the beautiful blossom had to take a second place. 


The image below demonstrates how far the development has progressed since 2006 when the seedling below appeared. The plant below illustrates what we like to see in plant performance. But the images above show a plant that should turn out to be a powerful breeder for outstanding performance. 



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We kept the size of the image larger than usual to allow you to see clearer what the plant is doing. This is instant rebloom on steroids. Is it a step toward true continuous bloom. We would love to see that. The point is that BELLE OF ASHWOOD has proven itself to be powerful in passing this highly desirable ability to its progeny. We will try to illustrate below some of the flexibility BOA has in breeding for a variety of colors. (We let all heck break lose in 2006 in this regard and we will see a large variety of of BELLE babies crosses to colors heretofore unexplored.)


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The image above is of BELLE OF ASHWOOD itself. This was a fan in the sales beds which we rejected for shipping as it was a single and we don't ship singles unless we have to in the first year or so. Early in the bloom season it put up these three scapes and put on a show that was wonderful. Before the season was done it had put up a fourth scape which was eventually killed by frost. The take we can derive from this is that the drive to bloom is strong in this one. that helps account for the strong tendency to put instant rebloom into the babies. 






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