The seedling above is also pictured in clump form on the opening page of the site. 13-16 has become a favorite here for pushing the envelope a step further in the search for the hibiscus form in daylilies. We have seen abundant evidence in the gardens of the impact of the expanded throats. Visitors here are drawn to this innovative look. Just as you will see in the image below, SHARON'S DELIGHT has played a role in the movement in this direction. We have not fully appreciated the power of SD as a breeder until recent years. But better late than never. 

The other parent of 13-16 is the 2015 introduction, SECRET ARSENAL. We did not realize the breeding power of SECRET ARSENAL until seedlings like this one began to appear. This is just one of a number that form this cross and similar crosses in the coming years. SECRET ARSENAL is clearly our premier breeder for dramatic, expanded and flat throats. (SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE remains the premier breeder for distinction. MARTHA EDSON NORRIS is the top breeder for beautiful and traditional ruffled, flat knock-outs, with IDA MAE NORRIS following closely.)

Both the image above of 13-16 and below, the image of 11-32 show plants that are almost certain introduction when they increase sufficiently. We do not know how they will breed as yet but the coming 2014 season holds promises of great results. (11-32 has become the 2015 introduction SHARIN' THE SECRET.   




In our continued quest for larger and larger flowers and ever larger throats, this seedling 11-32 (now SHARIN' THE SECRET) stands as a milestone. You are looking at a 9" flower with a 6" throat. There is a lot of green in the throat but we would dream of the shocking green we see in many of the cousins of this flower. The breeding is SHARON'S DELIGHT with a SECRET ARSENAL. Several of the sibs showed a similar size with a very expanded throat. But this is the best so far. 


11-36=SD-08-4.JPG (299139 bytes)   11-36.JPG (357270 bytes)  11-36CLP.JPG (375364 bytes)

The  three images above are of seedling 11-36, also a baby of SHARON'S DELIGHT and SECRET ARSENAL. This seedling is slated for introduction in 2016. It shows one reason we value the two parents so highly. The resemblance to KERMIT'S SCREAM is obvious but the flower and especially the plant exhibit distinct advancement in that look.    

What see coming from this seedling in a generation or two are very large reds and purples with stoplight green throats. We expect to see the kind of daylilies that are so dominant in the landscape that they will pull you in from a great distance. Although reds and purples are what we will be mainly working for, some really exciting pinks are likely to emerge from this breeding also. The darker colors are the main focus though as the greater the color contrasts are the more we like the blossoms. 

The stars were aligned right when we made this cross because this wonder rebloomed in its maiden year. And the rebloom was of the instant rebloom style that we favor. Since any rebloom is the great exception in the SE lines, we were overwhelmed with our good fortune with this seedling.   

11-32=SD-08-4-wb.jpg (289008 bytes)


SD-08-4.JPG (196493 bytes)    SD-08-4-MULT.JPG (256908 bytes)


These two images shown above are of just one more in a broad range of exciting results from the cross of SHARON'S DELIGHT and our "secret weapon", seedling 08-4. We hope to be able to release 08-4 sometime in the near future. The cross of these two marvelous breeders is producing large flowers with greatly expanded throats in clear and often unique colors. The percentage of possible future intros in this cross is exceptionally high.                                     

11-35=SD-09-10-wb.jpg (366709 bytes)          11-42=SD-IMN-wb.jpg (246531 bytes)        11-31=SD-IMN-wb.jpg (224946 bytes)

The three images above are all SHARON'S DELIGHT seedlings from crosses with related seedlings. The clear lesson here is that SHARON'S DELIGHT is a wonderful source for the genetics of large, exciting throats. We had not anticipated that SD would reveal itself to that dominant in this type of breeding. But since SD is perhaps our best plant physically in the SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE line, we are again feeling fortunate indeed. 

If you have been following the SE line of breeding for the no-trumpet look we love so much here, you will know that we held back in breeding this strain of plants in the belief that the further inbreeding that would need to be done to further the line would give is problems. The opposite has been the case to our extreme delight. The more we work this line of plants. The more beautiful results we see. And the more we see the instant rebloom that we favor.

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