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This page is dedicated to the beautiful sculpted yellows and golds coming out of our two introductions, EMPIRE OF DESIRE and MAGIC CRYSTAL. These are the two flowers pictured above. For additional information on these two cultivars see our pages on the 2010 introductions. INTRODUCTIONS 2010

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This is seedling T08-8, a cross of EMPIRE OF DESIRE and MAGIC CRYSTAL. The cross of the two was just loaded with exciting seedlings. While we made perhaps 150 seedlings from this cross, it is obvious that the depth and breadth of the potentials have not been tapped. A person who is pursuing a hardy sculpting line could benefit greatly in remaking this very cross.  

The image does not tell you the richness and sophistication of the blossom. Mouths drop open when people see this one in person. Mike Holmes took a look at this one this summer and said, "Richard, that one is a $250 introduction." 

9-49=5-15x bcr-wb.jpg (31047 bytes) 

Seedling T09-49 is EMPIRE OF DESIRE crossed with BUTTER CREAM. The way the green comes out from the throat as well as the presence of so much green on the petals tells us we need to work with this seedling. 

 9-99=5-1-bcr-wb.jpg (40312 bytes)

Seedling T09-99. The amount of green, although not entirely captured in the image, makes this one very special. The cross is the same as T09-49 above. 




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